The Worship Foundation provides teaching that is theologically rich, spiritually deep and pastorally framed. We are currently focussing on #thislife in our teaching work.


#thislife is a teaching module for worship pastors, worship leaders and their teams. Theological Deep, Pastorally Framed and Spiritually Enriching. It walks through the journey of worship through the biblical narrative, drawing out core theological ideas and translating them into worship practice in the local church.

Exploring #life-giving theological ideas about worship

Growing in the #life of the Spirit in worship

Engaging in the #life of the Kingdom through worship

This interactive, engaging and accessible module lasts for between 7-9 hours and can be completed within one full day, two half days, or three evening sessions.

#thislife is led and facilitated by Neil Bennetts, Chloe Anderson and Ben Torrens

Together we will...

Explore key theological ideas around worship and apply them to worship ministry.

Worship together - simple raw worship that embraces vulnerability and encourages the prophetic.

Pray - as part of our preparations we listen to God for you and your team and share with you anything we sense that God is saying to you.


The theological ideas the #thislife well explore are:

Worship and the Image of God: what it means to be created in the image of God, to be in a relationship with God, how that relationship is expressed. 

Worship and the Presence of God: what it means to be the new temple - the church - birthed through the Spirit. How the Spirit works and speaks, how this inspires our gathered worship, and, in particular, the prophetic in worship.

Worship and the Kingdom of God: how worship realigns both our relationship with God, and our purposes in the world, which echoes in kingdom activity.




#thislife Options

For Churches within 1 hour of Cheltenham we can do a series of evenings in your church that cover the full module, or one evening that will cover one section of the module, depending on what would serve your team the best.

For churches outside of this region, for practical (and cost) reasons we could come over the weekend - either a half day, a full day. 

We can also come and do a full weekend retreat that would cover the full #thislife module whilst also providing additional teaching, prayer and worship.


”The #thislife sessions provided an accessible and safe space to explore with others and discuss the big questions that swirl around this thing we call ‘worship’. Neil’s gentle and gracious approach to encouraging examination of the scriptural and cultural narratives around worship, has not only helped deepen my faith and my theological understanding, but has positively informed how I practically go about leading others in times of corporate worship.”
— Gareth Harper, Worship Leader, UK